2Casa Hotels... an exclusive network for serious buyers and brokers

Become a member of a network designed and managed by two primary principles… quality leads and quality brokers. 

2CasaRealty is the culmination of years of hands on experience as brokers in residential and commercial real estate as well as financing.  And in all three of these segments, we experienced the same frustrating issues… time wasting leads and questionable broker business ethics.

Our experiences combined with feedback from partners and broker members guided us to what you see today… a network of real estate professionals connecting vetted, highly quality buyers and sellers. 

We realize other real estate listing services may make similar claims, but how many are you aware of that actually run due diligence on buyer leads and evaluate brokers for membership.  

An example of what we will do for a broker member…

We are here to assist our members with due diligence of any lead generated.  If a member requests it, we will call the potential lead, establish a relationship with them on their behalf, make that all important human connection and in a timely manner.  Once we have the information needed, we will hand the lead back to the listing broker. 

It’s not all about connecting buyers with brokers either.  Brokers need other brokers with whom they can partner; professionals they can trust will take care of their clients when real estate interests lay outside the primary brokers market or in a neighbourhood where they have no listings.  This is an example of why the membership evaluation process is so critical.

In addition to our hands on quality control approach, members also gain access to other 2CasaGroup services such as our hotel and golf course listing service and commercial financing, where the exact same principles as 2CasaRealty are employed. 

If you are interested to learn more, please contact us here.  A knowledgeable representative will follow up with you within one business day.